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Finding the Real You Inside of You, with Special Guest, Realtor, Author, Mentor, and Television Personality – Sandra Rinomato

July 02, 2021 David Greenspan Season 3 Episode 136
The MindShare Podcast
Finding the Real You Inside of You, with Special Guest, Realtor, Author, Mentor, and Television Personality – Sandra Rinomato
Show Notes

Toronto real estate Broker/Owner of Royal Lepage Terrequity Rinomato and former host of the popular HGTV shows Property Virgins and Buy Herself, she has over 25 years of experience in one of the toughest markets in Canada. 

She has worked with hundreds of clients, many of them single women, and understands the importance of first knowing yourself well, setting goals, remaining flexible, and keeping the goal of home ownership front and centre in your thinking.

She says:

"I've had to overcome some of my own deep-rooted objections in life before I could allow myself to dream and to live my true self. In my book Home Worthy, I use real stories from my own life as well as stories of how other women have dealt with their false beliefs in order to succeed in buying their own homes. I want women to know that they were born worthy and show them how they can get what they deeply want in life."

She is the proud recipient of the coveted Stevie Award for Women In Business and a multitude of real estate awards. 

She has appeared as a real estate expert on The View, The Marilyn Denis Show, CNN, Global TV, BNN, CTV and more. 

She feels that everyone can contribute in some way to important issues in the community and enjoys participating in many charities, including health and organizations that aim to improve quality of life for women and animals.

This week on the show I am joined by  – Sandra Rinomato.

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