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How To Achieve the Success You Want, No Matter What You Face, with Special Guest, Radio/Television/PodCast Host, and Best Selling Author – Erin Davis

June 04, 2021 David Greenspan Season 3 Episode 132
The MindShare Podcast
How To Achieve the Success You Want, No Matter What You Face, with Special Guest, Radio/Television/PodCast Host, and Best Selling Author – Erin Davis
Show Notes

After getting up “at the crack of stupid” for most of her adult life, she now lives with her husband Rob on Vancouver Island, after leaving the CHFI morning show in December 2016.

Her retirement from morning radio came approximately 18 months after their only child, beloved 24-year-old daughter Lauren, died in her sleep of unknown causes in May 2015.

After being approached by HarperCollins to write a book telling of her experience with grief, she spent much of the next two years at her laptop. Her memoir, Mourning Has Broken: Love, Loss & Reclaiming Joy, was released in February of 2019 to critical acclaim and became a bestseller, finishing the year in the Top 10 for non-fiction.

In 2020, she was named to the Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame.

She appears regularly at various public events across the country, both as M.C. and delivering her Keynote address “Reclaiming Joy.” 

Over her time she was the first female co-host in the powerful Detroit market. With considerable television experience, her lifestyle and wellness program received an award in its second season as Canada’s best cable talk show.

She writes an internet journal twice weekly, available at Her journal receives some 5,000 visits each week.

She is also the host of CREA’s REAL TIME Podcast, which is dedicated to sparking conversations with inspiring people about all things, Canadian real estate, and what impacts realtors and Canadians. 

And she is also launching her new podcast called Drift, which is about her favourite topic – sleep. 

This week on the show, I am excited to be joined by long time radio and television host, podcast host, and best selling author – the one and only – Erin Davis. 

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