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How to Design Your Future with Special Guest, International Real Estate Women of Influence – Alex Lombardi

June 18, 2021 David Greenspan Season 3 Episode 134
The MindShare Podcast
How to Design Your Future with Special Guest, International Real Estate Women of Influence – Alex Lombardi
Show Notes

She is a Designer of Futures, an Educator, an International Real Estate Woman of Influence, and admittedly – a pizza lover. 

A single mother of two, she has over 15 years of real estate experience as an agent, former team leader & manager, and 20 years of personal & organizational transformational training experience tucked firmly under her belt. 

Over the past decade she has fused her two sides together and the result - she has emerged as a sought-after trainer, workshop leader and speaker, with a proven track record of helping agents and entrepreneurs achieve unprecedented results.

Through her workshops and seminars, She inspires realtors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to actually design their own futures by creating a vision of the life they want to live, and a game plan to get them there. 

She says - “you can let life happen or you can design the life you want to live…the choice is yours.”. 

This week on the show joining us from Sicily Italy, is  – Alex Lombardi. 

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