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This is The Way It Is in Real Estate with Special Guest, Real Estate Broker – Luca Andolfatto

June 25, 2021 David Greenspan Season 3 Episode 135
The MindShare Podcast
This is The Way It Is in Real Estate with Special Guest, Real Estate Broker – Luca Andolfatto
Show Notes

He is a lifetime Kingstonian. The son of Italian Immigrants, he grew up and learned the values associated with hard work and family. 

He has since raised his own family in Kingston, and has strong roots in the community.

Now 30+ years in the real estate business, he is a respected, proven professional with a track record second to none. 

His knowledge and experience in all areas of real estate have served all of his loyal clients in good stead. With literally thousands of successful transactions there are not many questions, or situations he is not equipped to deal with. 

Residential sales, condominiums, investment and multi-family, property management, and also commercial, he has “been there, done that”, and says he has ALL the T-Shirts!

His candid, up front approach to real estate eliminates the misconceptions, confusion, anxiety and invariable disappointment that pervades today’s real estate industry and culture.

He is hands on and oversees the process from start to finish, always there and always ready to help.

This week on the show I am joined by  – Luca Andolfatto as we talk about The Way It Is in Real Estate.

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