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Getting Serious About Real Estate, with Special Guest, Real Estate Broker – Heather Scott

July 16, 2021 David Greenspan Season 3 Episode 138
The MindShare Podcast
Getting Serious About Real Estate, with Special Guest, Real Estate Broker – Heather Scott
Show Notes

She has a long history in the Muskoka Ontario area. Born and raised there, as was her father, a local building contractor, her family’s established history in Muskoka means she has unmatched knowledge of the Muskoka area and the local real estate market, both as it is today and historically.

She has a true, authentic love for the beautiful lakes that dot the Muskoka District, as well as the numerous wonderful communities and incredible locals, saying it truly is a place like no other.

Consistently ranked as the top real estate agent at Forest Hill Real Estate Inc in Muskoka, it’s her honour to bring her experience, skill and local insights to each and every client interaction.

She says whether you’re a buyer or seller, to her it’s all about creating a positive, low pressure experience that helps her clients get that much closer to their goals.

And to add to all of the above – she is one of our Real Estate Industry’s powerful voices. Always has her finger on the pulse with new trends, always involved in the conversation, liked by so many different people at all corners of the north American real estate landscape, involved with her local board and various different organizations, a fund raiser for the habitat for humanity, an award winner to cap it all off, and most importantly to me – she is a friend.

This week on the show I am joined by Real Estate Broker  – Heather Scott as we talk "Getting Serious About Real Estate".

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